Duo Authentication

New Users:

Follow the prompts to set up DUO. If you wish to use DUO Pushes (recommended), you'll need to install the DUO app on your mobile phone, and when prompted above, scan the supplied QR code.

Replacing a Device:

If you've replaced your mobile device and it has the same phone number, cancel the automatic DUO Push and choose Call Me or Enter a Passcode. This will let you authenticate to your new phone. Then go to Add a new device and follow the prompts. This will generate a new QR Code for you to scan with the DUO app on your mobile device.

Adding a Device:

If you have access to your first device and want to add another new one, login and click Add a new device. Follow the prompts.

Removing a Device:

Login and go to My Settings & Devices > Device Options. You cannot remove a device if it is the only one registered.

Need More Help?

Click the help link above, refer to the School of Medicine’s Duo support website: http://www.medschool.umaryland.edu/IS/Duo-MFA/ or contact your local help desk for assistance.